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My name is Loraine, and this is my daughter Emme.  When Emme was diagnosed with positional plagiocephaly (AKA flat-head), I felt so much guilt over wondering if this could somehow have been prevented. Did we leave her in the swing or carseat too long? Did we not do enough tummy time? I was afraid that people would see me as an unfit parent if my child had to wear a helmet.

Therefore, my mission is to help other parents who experience the same guilt feel better about this temporary process. Once I accepted the fact that my daughter was going to have to reshape her head, I changed my attitude and embraced the procedure. My motto became “If there’s going to be an elephant in the room, my baby is going to be the cutest elephant around!”  If you have decided to put a helmet on your baby, YOU’RE NOT A BAD PARENT! In fact, you’re doing the right thing and your baby will thank you for giving him/her a nice round melon someday!

I found it very therapeutic to decorate my baby’s helmet with some fun and decorative decals. So I’m making these available for you. These designs will turn your child’s medical device into a fashion accessory in just minutes.  Head over to our Sample Designs page to check them out!

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Thanks and have a happy day!  :)