The Beginning

It’s been four months since I decided to start THE HAPPY HELMET and here I am! I’m so excited about this new venture and I truly hope other parents find that these designs help make the treatment process go better for them.

As I’ve learned, it’s not so much about the babies-they’re going to be fine. Even though from looking at her newborn pictures, my little Emme appeared to be born with torticollis-I still felt extreme guilt over what more could have been done to prevent the plagio diagnosis. I read several books during pregnancy and not a single one even mentioned torticollis! I feel there is a tremendous lack of education and awareness of this condition. All I knew was that we needed to let the baby sleep on her back to prevent SIDS. It wasn’t until she was two months when I was in a new mom’s support group class that I first heard of “tummy time”. Hindsight is 20/20-and I’m certainly not blaming anyone for her condition, but I do think there should be more information about this in baby books.

Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox. Emme just graduated from her Starband two weeks ago, and I have to say I had so much more anxiety going into it than it was worth. For the most part, the treatment process went smoothly. Other than a couple of skin rashes-which was fixed immediately, Emme took to her helmet quite well. We followed the instructions from the cranial center religiously and cleaned her helmet every night with alcohol. Her head is beautifully round now and we’re still in PT for her torticollis. It’s been 7 months of PT and we can see an improvement.

Best of luck to you parents who are going through this process! Luckily it’s temporary and it’s fixable.