Happy Helmet,

I was given your card by the Cranial Center we are presently going to for our daughters helmet.

As soon as I had a moment to check out your site, I did and it was an amazing experience working with you from that minute on.

Not only do you have a wonderful selection of decals, the actual product I received was even better than expected

More importantly, you are not only a wonderful business woman, you are a loving and caring mother who listened to what I had to say and told your story, which made the beginning of our journey much easier.

Thank you for your creativity, your product, and your heart.

–Robin S., Short Hills, NJ

When I came to the realization that my son, Chase, was going to have to wear a helmet at six months old, I was devastated. Initially, I assumed it was because I had done something wrong. But as I furthered my research, I realized this was extremely common, and more importantly, easily treatable. When I went to see the specialist they informed me about a great company, called The Happy Helmet. I quickly learned that I could make this experience much more enjoyable by adding decals and sayings to Chase’s helmet. I ordered my decals right away and decorated Chase’s helmet the same day I received it. The owner of the company was outstanding and so efficient. She emailed me back continuously, answering every question I had. The decals were put in the mail the minute I ordered them. I suggest you seal the decals using Mod Podge, which is so easy to do. Check out the pictures of Chase’s helmet. The decals really made it unique and special to him☺

–Kristin G., Scotch Plains, NJ

The stickers have arrived and they are amazing! Getting to choose fun stickers and decorate the helmet for Hunter made this process so much easier. We get tons of compliments on it about how “rad” it is :) Working with you was truly a pleasure. All of your thoughtful and personal e-mails were much appreciated. You are so kind and thoughtful. I very much appreciate the time you took getting to know us and helping us through this journey.

–Thanks again,
Lauren, Jeff and Hunter