Q: How do you apply the decals?

A: All decals come with a piece of transfer paper on top of it. Simply peel off the transfer paper with the decal adhered to it and place it on the helmet and rub in to transfer the decal to the helmet.

Q: Will they last long?

A: These decals are made of durable vinyl and should last throughout the duration of the treatment. If you have a very active child, I highly recommend using a sealer on the decals. Of course wear and tear happens over time which is why you will receive extra decals if they need to be replaced.

Q: Are they reusable?

A: While they can be peeled off relatively easily, they are not reusable.

Q: Do you recommend putting a sealer on the decals?

A: To extend the life of the decals, especially if it has an intricate detail, I recommend sealing it with a water-based sealant called “MOD PODGE” which can be found at any craft supply store.

Q. Can you do Professional sports team’s decals?

A. Unfortunately due to trademark issues, we can not make sports teams logos at this time.

Q. Can you make decals of images not offered on your website?

A. We are currently making the designs that are offered on our site.