When my daughter was diagnosed with plagiocephaly (a condition when a baby’s head is flat) and a helmet was required to reshape her head, I couldn’t find many places that sold decorations for baby helmets. The only options were to buy stickers from a crafts store that lasted a couple of weeks at most-or pay hundreds of dollars for a professional artist to decorate the helmet. It was important to me that the helmet looked cute because in addition to feeling guilty as a parent, I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for my baby girl. My motto was “if there’s going to be an elephant in the room, she’s going to be the cutest elephant around”.

Since the treatment usually lasts for about three months, I wanted to create designs which were changeable, colorful and fun. We received so many compliments on our daughter’s “fashion accessory”. The playful designs and funny slogans really took away the stigma of helmet because it was a conversation starter. I wanted to help other parents going through this process by making my decals accessible at an affordable price…so THE HAPPY HELMET was born.



Loraine Anderson, Founder & CEO

Originally from California, I now live in New Jersey and work full-time as a Public Relations Executive for a major cable network. My daughter was born in 2011 and I’m loving my new role as mother. Juggling a career and motherhood is challenging-but so rewarding. I have a wonderfully supportive husband who allows me to pursue this new passion of mine, which is to help other parents have a more positive experience with their child’s cranial reshaping treatment.